Fulmer Mental & physical fight takes her to a world title

IT is midnight, she has been on the treadmill for three hours in multiple layers of clothing and hasn’t had a drop of water to drink, yet Kylie Fulmer continues to stride out.

She is driven by a dream, one which many have doubted she could achieve, one she has spent eight years working towards and been through physical and mental nightmares to reach.

Fast-forward three days later and with the look of steely determination on her face replaced by a smile, Fulmer is crowned the World Boxing Federation Women’s Intercontinental Super Bantamweight world champion.

To say that the moment the Bathurst native had her arm raised in the air at the Big Punch Arena in Tijuana was emotional is a understatement.

“It was like my whole journey flashed in front of me because I've dreamed that moment for the last eight years. I've had so many rock bottoms when I could have quit, but there was just something in my heart, I knew I couldn’t,” Fulmer said.

“Boxing means more to me than just belts, it's about setting goals and reaching those goals. It’s the best feeling to get your hand raised and know that you have achieved what you've been aiming for.

“It still hasn't hit me I don’t think, it’s been crazy. We didn’t go to sleep on Saturday night because we just had dinner with the team and jumped in the car at four o’clock and drove back to Vegas.”

While the now 36-year-old had devoted more hours of hard grind to that triumphant moment that she would care to contemplate, she went into the title fight full of confidence.

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