Our Workforce

Drilling requires a high degree of skill and technical competence to ensure both an efficient drill program and accurate results. The Company recognizes that the efficiency of any given project is determined in part by how effectively the drill rigs can be operated and to this end Geodrill’s in-house training and monitoring programs enable these goals in being achieved.

The Company employs a work force of 600, organized into two departments: Operations and Administration. The benefits of training are evident as the Company employs very few expatriates. Approximately 90% of its workforce are contract workers, while the remaining 10% are permanent employees. Geodrill’s large number of contract employees allows management to efficiently manage the size of its workforce in the event of a slowdown. Geodrill believes in rewarding its employees through a generous remuneration and benefits program combined with extensive training programs that leads to further career advancement opportunities, in-turn leading to strong employee retention rates.