The Company’s workforce is +1000 strong and is organized into two departments, Operations and Administration. To promote local content and organisational resilience Geodrill hires locally as much as possible and provides extensive training and leadership opportunities to promote staff from within. As a result, Geodrill employs very few expatriates and has extensive in-house expertise.

Geodrill is an equal opportunity employer. The Company proudly advocates for gender and diversity inclusion in the recruitment and talent management processes and undertakes to treat all directors, employees, candidates, partners, contractors, consultants, stakeholders and suppliers fairly and equally regardless of gender, age, culture/ethnicity, religious beliefs or disabilities. The Company is committed to establishing measurable targets to promote and support diversity.

Geodrill is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all and fosters a culture of transparency and learning. The Company believes in rewarding its employees through a generous remuneration and benefits program combined with extensive training programs that leads to further career advancement opportunities, resulting in strong employee retention.