Social Impact
Geodrill is committed to being socially responsible particularly within the communities in which it operates and with those in most need of support. Management believes that this core value embraced by the Geodrill’s corporate culture benefits not only our surrounding communities and their environment as a whole but the Company and its employees as well.Geodrill’s social impact focuses strongly on the communities we work in, by supporting orphanages, schools and shelters and transferring expertise and knowledge to empower local employees, and by reducing its reliance in imports.

Training & Safety
Geodrill training and development programs aim to provide personnel with the required skills and knowledge to perform drilling to the highest international levels. Our safety with the production system has been developed to exceed all applicable government and client standards. By partnering with industry leaders in behavioral safety, incident investigation, workers’ compensation, and OSHA standards, we have built a comprehensive integrated Health Safety and Environmental Management System. Our core values on safety and productivity are a testament to our commitment that all projects should be completed with Zero Harm to our employees, contractors, and the environment.

Geodrill is an equal opportunity employer. The Company proudly advocates for gender and diversity inclusion in the recruitment and talent management processes and undertakes to treat all directors, employees, candidates, partners, contractors, consultants, stakeholders and suppliers fairly and equally regardless of gender, age, culture/ethnicity, religious beliefs or disabilities.

Local Content
Geodrill is committed to building long-term capacity in the countries we operate in.  The Company is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all and fosters a culture of transparency and learning. The Company believes in rewarding its employees through a generous remuneration and benefits program combined with extensive training programs that leads to further career advancement opportunities. Reducing reliance on imports and promoting in-country manufacturing has been achieved by Geodrill to meet the needs of our operations in West Africa. In Ghana, the Company has invested in its own capacity to manufacture drill rigs locally. This achievement won Geodrill the coveted  ‘Best Workforce and Industry Development Initiative’ at AAMEG ‘ESG’ Awards in 2020.

Corporate Donations
Geodrill encourages community growth and development and strives to eliminate practices that harm the public sphere. The Company hopes to achieve this by donating cash and various charitable items. Geodrill has long standing relationships with many reputable charities and non-profit organizations. Such donations need to be transparent, accountable, and as much as possible, should be outcomes based.

For over two decades, Geodrill has supported:

  • Child Health and Wellbeing
  • Support for victims of Gender Based Violence
  • Environmental initiatives such as responsible recycling
  • Sports and Education
  • Poverty
  • Cultural Arts & Film

Ghana Children’s Heart Foundation  by providing annual funding for children diagnosed with congenital heart disease in need of life-saving surgery.

Orthopaedic Training Centre (OTC) a non-profit organisation whose mission is enabling the handicapped in Ghana, mainly children, to gain independent and productive lives.

The Pearl Safe Haven  a NGO providing a safe place where women and children sufferers of domestic abuse to re-build their lives and fulfil their potential in society.

Geodrill also considers compassionate one-off donations in exceptional cases e.g. Saving Little Doris and Doris goes to School.