Geodrill and Blast offers the full suite of down hole services when it comes to mine production blast hole drilling and blasting.

Our Drilling Services include:
  • Pre-Split Drilling utilising both
  • Blasting Hole Drilling Down Hole Hammer and Top Hammer Rigs
  • Single Pass Blast Hole Drilling
  • Sampling of Blast Hole Drilling
  • Grade Control Drilling
Our Blasting Services include:
  • Electronic Detonation Blasting
  • Non-Electronic Detonation Blasting
  • Fragmentation Analysis
  • Ground Vibration & Over Pressure Surveillance and Recording
  • Explosions Supply
Our Equipment Hire Services include:

Customised Drilling and Blasting equipment hire for your project, including fully maintained and operated blast hole drill rigs (Down Hole Hammer and Top Hammer types).