Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Geodrill is committed to being socially responsible particularly within the communities in which it operates and with those in most need of support. Management believes that this core value embraced by the Geodrill’s corporate culture benefits not only our surrounding communities and their environment as a whole but the Company and its employees as well.

Geodrill encourages community growth and development and strives to eliminate practices that harm the public sphere. The Company hopes to achieve this by donating cash and various charitable items. Through these sponsorships, Geodrill also endeavors to show appreciation for their continued cooperation.

Over the years Geodrill has invested in an array of CSR projects including providing power generators and water bores to local communities, school and orphanages in Ghana. Similarly, the Company also built a local boxing gym Bridge Boxing Gym in Ghana and has been a generous sponsor of the National Boxing Team and the Azumah Nelson Foundation, both of which are local charities in Ghana.

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