Corporate Governance
Geodrill is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and risk management through its adherence to regulatory standards and industry-leading practices in ESG. Geodrill believes that its sound corporate governance practices are foundational in realizing the Company’s organizational purpose; in building trust with all stakeholders; and in ensuring that Geodrill and its employees adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Our governance initiatives including our code of conduct and ethics policy,whistleblower policy, bribery and diversity policy are developed by our board of directors and carried out by senior management throughout the organization so that all stakeholders understand the importance of governance.

Corporate governance covers the rights and responsibilities of the management of the Company – its structures, corporate values and accountability processes.

This relates to the following areas:

  • Management structure – power balance between the CEO and Board, separation of Chairman from CEO, appropriate checks and balances for members of the management team
  • Employee relations and workplace grievances
  • Executive remuneration
  • Corporate Codes of Conduct