Geodrill provides Horizontal in-pit de-watering and groundwater relief, geo-tech and exploratory drilling services. The de-watering process allows for stabilisation of pit walls. Our purpose-built Horizontal drills and highly trained staff can provide complete pit drainage, and wall depressurisation solutions.

Horizontal Drain Hole program (HDH) is utilised in open-pit mines, and on many soil or overburden cuts to drain water from a variety of ground conditions.  Cased and perforated, uncased, PVC lined, or a combination of all provides a dramatic increase in-ground stability.

inclination 0-15 degrees

Hole sizes/methods:

  • PQ     Ø 85.0 mm
  • PQ3   Ø 83.0 mm
  • HQ    Ø 63.5 mm
  • HQ3  Ø 61.1 mm
  • NQ    Ø 47.6 mm