Established in 1998, Geodrill is a leading exploration drilling company with a fleet of 78 drill rigs operating in Africa and South America. The Company operates in Burkina-Faso, Cote d’Ivoire and Mali in West Africa, Egypt in North Africa, and Peru and Chile in South America.

Geodrill provides Reverse Circulation, Diamond Core, Deep Directional Navi Drilling, Air-Core, Grade Control, Geo-Tech and Water Borehole drilling services to major, intermediate and junior mining companies and operates the largest most modern fleet of multi-purpose rigs.

Geodrill’s multi-purpose rigs offer the versatility of providing both Reverse Circulation and Diamond Core drilling and can be switched mid-way through a hole with minimal effort or downtime.  This provides clients with the flexibility and advantage of drilling both RC and Core methods in the same hole with the same rig, eliminating the need to have two types of rigs on site, thus reducing standby, preparation and mobilization charges normally associated with switching rigs, therefore improving overall efficiency and lowering the customers’ all-in ‘average cost per metre’. Geodrill also provides Air-core drilling, a popular method used by junior exploration companies in early-stage exploration.

Geodrill has always invested in modern equipment and world-class operations to supply its clients with a ‘one-stop’ drilling solution. The Company’s expertise, experience in the field, highest maintenance and HSE standards, and ESG vision and values have earned it a reputation for delivering results as demonstrated by its impressive rig growth, attributable to its strong culture of professionalism and customer satisfaction.